Time (Dubai Time, GST) Activity Location
13:30 Welcome Remarks
  • * Leila Masinaei, Managing Partner, Great Mind Events Management
13:35 Event Opening Video Zoom Digital Platform
13:38 VOX Cinemas Video Live Viewing Available at Cinema 17, VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE
13:40 Keynote Remarks
  • * Cameron Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas and Majid Al Futtaim Leisure & Entertainment
13:55 Cinionic Video Presentation
  • * Wim Buyens, Chief Executive Officer, Cinionic
13:57 Comscore Movies Video Presentation
  • * Arturo Guillen - EVP & Global Managing Director Comscore Movies
14:00 World Cinema Statistics and Analysis
  • * Pablo Carrera, Principal Analyst- Cinema, Omdia
14:20 Book My Show Promo Video
14:21 Panel Discussion 1: Effect of COVID-19 on the cinema industry, projections, plans and vision for recovery and beyond
  • * Effect of the Covid Pandemic on the cinema industry across the globe and in the META region
  • * Future of the cinema industry
  • * Market forecasts
  • * Operating cinemas within the “new normal”
  • * Profitability of cinemas at reduced capacity and how to over it?
  • * Plans and road to recovery

  • * Jan Runge, META Cinema Chairman & Advisor

  • * John Iozzi, CEO and Managing Director, AMC Cinemas - KSA
  • * Maria Gedeon, Marketing Director, Majid Al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment and Cinemas
  • * Phil Clapp, Chief Executive, UK Cinema Association
  • * John Donnelly, Business Development Director, Dolby Laboratories
  • * Arturo Guillen, EVP & Global Managing Director, Comscore Movies
15:00 Dolby Laboratories Promo Video
15:01 The transformative power of Dolby in cinema
Dolby’s unmatched technologies help you to maximize the emotional impact of every film, providing a competitive advantage over home entertainment. There is no place like cinema.
  • * Friedrich (Fritz) Deininger, Sr. Regional Director Cinema EMEA and India, Dolby Laboratories
  • * Youry Bredewold, Director Exhibitor Relations, Dolby Laboratories
15:25 Cinionic Promo Video
Camatic Seating Promo Video
Televika Promo Video
15:30 Panel Discussion 2: Cinema Content: Movies and Beyond
  • * Review of impact of Covid on theatrical releases and global release plans
  • * Content diversification: How to not rely on a single market to source films
  • * Event cinema: How to benefit from Event Cinema to fill content gap needs
  • * Creating synergies with streaming platforms: Can this be done?
  • * Regional content expansion requirement
  • * Role of distribution channels in overcoming the content gaps for the near future

  • * Jan Runge, META Cinema Chairman & Advisor

  • * Toni El Massih, Chief Content Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas
  • * Joel Haikali, Director/Producer at Joe Vision Production, Chairperson of Namibia Film Commission Board, Co-founder of the Creative Industry Guide Africa
  • * Gianluca Chakra, Managing Partner, Front Row Filmed Entertainment
  • * Dr. Fazal Malik, Dean Humanities, Arts and Applied Sciences, Amity University Dubai
  • * Grainne Peat, Managing Director, Event Cinema Association
  • * Serge Zabbal, Business Director, Empire Entertainment
Event Cinema Association Showreel
16:40 NEC Video Presentations
16:42 Televika Promo Video
16:45 Day 1 wrap up summary and end of day 1
17:45 Special Screening:

Twisted Blues (2020)

Directed by Jac Mulder. With Majed AlZubaidi, Brent Bailey, Brittany Benjamin, Josh Crotty. A reaching romantic MMA story, enriched with a series of comedic misfits, some tragedy, the occasional tears, a lot of laughter and a few secret revelations, a melodramatic underlying story propelled to inspire.
VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE
Time (Dubai Time, GST) Activity Location
14:30 Studio Slate/ Content Feature
  • * FilmOne Entertainment Product Presentation: From Africa to the world
Cinema 17, VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates
15:30 Live Panel Discussion: META Cinema Insights

This live panel will bring together some of the biggest names in the Cinema Sector in the META region to stage for the first time in 2020, where they will share their insight onto:
  • * Status of projects put on hold
  • * Review of current and future projects: Have the region’s ambitious plans been scrapped or will the operators simply have to make up for the lost time?
  • * Overcoming the worst: What has each operator done to survive the pandemic and prepare for the new normal
  • * Timelines and consideration for cinema expansion plans across the region

  • * Paul Schwarz, Partner & Principal, Design Confidence – Acoustics
  • * Fredrik Jonsson, CEO, Novo Cinemas
  • * Ashish Shukla, Chief Executive Officer, Cinépolis Gulf
  • * Arif Baigmohamed, Founder and Chairman, Cinepax
  • * Mohamed Al Hashemi, Country Manager KSA, Majid Al Futtaim Ventures
  • * Moses Babatope, Co-founder, Group Executive Director/Managing Director FilmOne, The Filmhouse Group - Filmhouse Cinemas - FilmOne Entertainment
  • * Firdoze Bulbulia, Board Member, Pan African Film Consortium
Cinema 17, VOX Cinemas, Mall the of Emirates

Broadcasted Live on Zoom Digital Platform
16:30 Q&A Session with Speakers

This session will not allow the audience attending the live session, but those attending virtually to post their question to expert panel for more insight and direct feedback to their questions
16:45 Cinionic Video Presentation
16:47 Cinionic Presentation
  • * Serge Plasch, Chief Commercial Officer, Cinionic
16:55 META Cinema Forum Awards
Presented by Comscore Movies

  • * Highest Grossing Movie of the Year (M.E & Africa)
  • * Highest Grossing Arabic Title of the Year
  • * Highest Grossing Indian Title of the Year
  • * Highest Grossing African Title of the Year
  • * Highest Grossing Exhibitor of the Year (M.E)
  • * Highest Grossing Exhibitor of the Year (Africa)
  • * Highest Grossing Distributor of the Year (M.E)
  • * Highest Grossing Distributor of the Year (Africa)
  • * The Hope Award

Presented by:
  • Rajkumar Akella, Managing Director, India Comscore Movies
  • Nena Loncar, Senior Client Operations Executive, Comscore Movies
17:15 META Cinema Forum Dinner Reception

While knowledge can be digitally shared, nothing replaces the human and social interaction. The wrap up to 2020 META Cinema Forum will be a casual and fun-filled Dinner reception where attendees can network and interact with their peers as we celebrate the resilience and the recovery of the cinema sector
Sponsored by:
Sheraton, Mall of the Emirates